Ending the extra $600 federal benefit will harm unemployed workers

Many people with underlying medical conditions are worried about what is giong to happen at the end of the month. It is not currently safe for many of them to go back to work, the covid 19 death rate is 12 times higher for people with underlying cinditions.

  An extra $600 a week in federal unemployment benefits, which has been enabling them to pay their rent  or other bills. It will stop by the end of July.

Those group has been lost jobs at a disproportionate rate in the corona virus recession, according to an analysis. Of the 19 million people who will receive regular unemployment benefits in July 54% are women.

The stakes are high. As mant as 20 millikon unemployes americans are receiving the federal unemployment bnefit. It provides for an additional $600 per week over and above the unemployment benefit paid at the state level. Though some form, of extension of the federal unemployment program is being dismissed in certain quarters, it seems likely some version will passed. Opposite to extending federal unemployment benefits beyond july 31 may have been strong back in May.

But with the latest upsurge of the corona virus is much of the US, a high rate of unemployment as well as the fast approaching national election in November it will more difficult for any member of Congress to oppose an at least scaled down version of the federal unemployment benefits program.

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